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Yoga Workshop ; The Essence Of Balance

Welcome to workshop # 2 this year by Dick Langenberg & Cecilia Götherström. This time around we delve deep in to The Essence Of Balance – physical, mental,  emotional, you name it – through the practice of Vijnana Yoga.

We will sit/meditate , we will practice pranayama / breathing exercises and kriya´s / cleansing exercises, we will practice shavasana / guided relaxation at the end and we will move through postures /asanas  a looooooooooot!

Balancings on less than two legs, on hands and feet, on two hands, on one hand and a foot, on your head, on your elbows, on maybe even more or less  – it´s all on the menu this workshop.

We will learn and use tools to find our own Essence of Balance in any situation life or your body throws at you. And we promise a good time!

All levels of yogi´s are warm welcome!

C U on the mat!

Dick & Cecilia

Come join us Sunday, April 2nd, 14.00 – 17.00  in Movement Studio Haarlem

You will have two internationally certified Vijnana Yoga teachers guiding you through our journey in a safe, professional, caring and also fun way to find your own fitting sun salution, flow and home.

Cecilia (  and Dick (  have both been studying, teaching, practicing and laughing together for more than 11 years now – nationally and internationally.

C U on the mat!

And bring all your questions 😉 !

When: Sunday 2/4, 14.00 – 17.00

Where : Movement Studio Haarlem, Kinderhuissingel 4E

Investment : EUR 45 :-

Sign up:, 06-46157019 , 06-14448111

Dick & Cecilia


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