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Masterclass Head & Shoulderstand

Friday 5/11 19.00 – 21.00 in Cruquius   Warm welcome to the first of a series of Master Classes to be held at the gorgeous Solid Performance in Cruquius! These Master Classes are for all levels of yogis, whether you are a beginner or more seasoned. In this particular Master Class we will work towards head & shoulder stand. Every yoga class, master class, workshop always contains the same important ingredients which are needed for a complete practice – sitting/meditation, pranayama/breathing, asanas/postures, savasana/relaxation, and yoga philosophy. Every time we get together it is interactive, and always room for questions and more indepth explanations. Looking foward to seeing you Friday the 5th of November in Cruquius! To sign up, please email or What´s App: +31-6-46157019 Investment: EUR 22:- Address: Spieringweg 700, Cruquius

Sunday 15/11 Livestream Yoga & New Moon Ceremony

Dearest Yogi’s, Thank you for connecting and practicing through Zoom Sunday last week ! It was gorgeous to see so many countries connected again ! This Sunday morning 9.30 am CET LiveStream lesson will stay a weekly class until we are allowed to meet live in the studios again. From then on I will keep teaching a monthly LiveStream class for all of us who internationally connect in these classes and would like to keep connecting as well as keeping a steady home practice. More details on that class will follow. This coming Sunday – November 15th – we have the New Moon coinciding with our practice. So it just seems natural toinclude a small New Moon ceremony or ritual, one that you can use for yourself every New Moon. Nothing large or time consuming, it will be woven in to the class. We will also focus on the postures that have a more “celestial” connection – like the sun salutations, a part of the moon salutations, the balancing postures of Ardha Chandrasana – half moon -, Parivrtta …

Sunday morning Yoga Livestream

Sunday mornings @ 9.30 am CET starting this week Sunday, November 8th, Studio Stark is offering a Livestream Yoga lesson of 75 minutes via Zoom. 9.30 – 10.45. Here in The Netherlands we have entered in to our second Lockdown, and in many other countries the same is or has already happened. Now our yoga practice is more important than ever. To stay healthy. To hold your own space in your own home. To just have a moment to land, breathe and connect with that inner stability you do inhabit. The practice will be recorded for everyone joining – you will receive a link the same day to download the lesson to your own computer so that you can practice again any time you want. If you cannot join the lesson but would like the recording that is possible too, just let me know! Warm welcome to join! Drop me an email on or send a What’s App message on +31 6 46157019 if you would like to join. Quite a few of you have cards …

Yoga Workshop Outdoors, Backbends , Sat 8/8

Close to 3 weeks ago we had the first of  three in The Outdoors Yoga Workshops Summer 2020 Series. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day and the energy was amazing. I am so grateful for the energy shared, the moments, the practice, and this magic space we have in Cruquius for these workshops and the weekly Sunday morning lessons. Do check the photos from the workshop and some from the regular Sunday morning classes below to get a sense of the energy and atmosphere. And guess what? –  Soon it is workshop time again!! We have two more Outdoors Yoga Workshops on the agenda in August; Aug 8th – backbends Aug 22nd  – inversions (head and shoulderstand) Warm, warm welcome to join one or both of them! The first one up is the backbends workshop; We will build up gently through meditation, pranayama & vayu’s (breathing & aligning) , moving in to a flowing practice preparing us for the backbends. We will spend some time really enjoying and learning all sorts and levels of backbends. And of course …

Yoga Workshop Outdoors, Sat 18/7

Warm welcome to the first workshop of the series of 3 Outdoors Yoga workhops this #stayhome summer in Cruquius, with the theme Balancings. Please, find the information below on all the workshops and do of course feel free to call, message or mail me with any questions or any information request/s. At the gorgeous Outdoors location in Cruquius at Solid Peformance I have the following workshops in the agenda – all levels are welcome, there will be plenty of space for each and every person’s development and focus no matter how many days, weeks, months or years you have or have not been practicing. The space is limited to 12 participants to make sure we are keeping the recommended 1,5 metre distance. Dates, times, information: Saturday 18/7     11.00 – 14.00     (Hand)balancings Saturday 8/8       11.00 – 14.00     Backbends Saturday 22/8     11.00 – 14.00     Inversions (incl. head and shoulderstand)   Investment: 1 workshop         EUR   35:- 2 workshops        EUR  60 :- 3 workshops        EUR  80: –   All workshops follow the Vijnana Principles of practice: sitting/mediation, pranayama …

Anatomy of Peace – Yoga Workshop

Peace, stillness, quiet, rest, suppleness, ease, “rust”…. Sometimes it feels pretty far away, yet it is something you carry within you all the time. You hold the switch and can actually decide when to switch it on – and off. Once you understand the anatomy of peace, it will be a lot easier to both practice and achieve it. We will look at the anatomy of peace from the perspective of the physical body, from the perspective of the mental body (aka the brain and nervous system), from the perspective of hormones and hormone production, from the perspective of yoga philosophy and quantum physics. All in a language and movements (and rest J), that anyone and everyone can understand – the point being that you can take the knowledge and practices home to easily be put to use in your life from the moment you leave the studio. Warm welcome for this first workshop of this kind. Saturday / Zaterdag 11/5 13.00 – 15.00 EVA’Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede € 37 :- , incl btw, …

Yoga Workshop – “Hello Sunshine”

It’s that time of the year again! Spring! The sun comes out, you feel you want to unfurl out of your winter sleep just like a flower uncurling its petals, reaching for the sun. So, let’s do just that! During this workshop we will get warm from the sun within through working in detail on the sun salutations and its numerous variations, we will learn how to adapt the steps to what fits us individually. And, we will focus on hip and heart openers, both in an active flowing way as well as in a healing, restorative way. All levels of yogi’s welcome! It does not matter if this is your 1sttime with yoga or your 1001st! Saturday 23/3     12.00 – 15.00 EVA’Z Yoga & Pilates Energy exchange € 35 incl. btw, tea and snacks Sign up / more information:   06-46157019  

Yoga, trekking, hiking, midnight sun, Helags Fjällstation, Helags Natinonal Park

Yoga, Hiking and Midnight Sun

It’s an honour to welcome you to our yoga and hiking trips in the pristine, untouched nature of Swedish Southern Lapland at Helags Fjällstation/Mountain Station during the summer of 2019. We have been arranging these trips since 2015 and thoroughly enjoy it. The air, the nature, the mountain, the fresh water you can drink out of the creeks, the colours of the summer flowers and greens, the view of the glacier, the reindeer walking through the Mountain Station, it’s all breathtaking and healing at the same time. No previous experience of hiking or yoga necessary! We will be staying together at the Mountain Station with full board, enjoying two yoga sessions per day during the morning and the evening. There will also be a seminar on the theme “Holistic Health” including nutritional advice during the weekend. We will gather at Emma Britas Cafe in Börtnan Thursday morning for brunch together and an introduction of the program for the weekend. You will be able to make a good picnic from all the food on the buffet …

An Invitation to Practice

Yoga is about finding your inner light, about soaring from within. Soaring on the wings of change, as change is the only constant – in our lives, on this planet, in this universe, in every breath. Yet there is something which is unchanging, which is light, there underneath the layers. I invite you to come practice with me. Come join me on this inner quest, peeling off the layers, revealing the diamond inside.  

Yoga, trekking, hiking, midnight sun, Helags Fjällstation, Helags Natinonal Park

Friday Flow, Re-set & Relax

A monthly event at EVA’Z, by Cecilia A yoga ritual taking you from the buzz of the week in to the weekend. Step by step leaving what needs to be left behind through a balanced yoga flow, ending with a guided relaxation and total re-set. A cleansing and mindful transition for You in to Your weekend. Happening once per month right at EVA’Z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede! Warm welcome! Dates and times: Friday 1/2            20.00 – 21.45 Friday 1/3            20.00 – 21.45 Friday 5/4            20.00 – 21.45 Friday 7/6            20.00 – 21.45 Energy exchange: € 17;50  pp or € 28 :- for two people signing up together Sign up, information : 06-46157019