Month: May 2022

108 Sun Salutations, 25/6 2022

Practicing 108 sun salutations at the equinoxes is an ancient practice in the yogic tradition.   Most ancient traditions  actually have some sort of practice and / or ceremony during the equinoxes.   I must say that to me the practice of the 108 sun salutations does feel like a moving meditation, like a moving mantra, like a moving prayer, like a moving ceremony.   It is a beautiful way to step in to a new chapter, a new intention, while leaving the old behind, step by step, finishing the practice with a true feeling of renewal.   We are honouring these traditions and practicing the 108 sun salutations together on “Midsummer” which falls on Friday the 24th of June this year of 2022, at Solid Performance in Cruquius.   And you are warmly invited to join!   If the weather permits we might even be able to practice outdoors.   A full practice session of 108 sun salutations themselves takes around one and a half hour. We all keep the same pace of the …

An Invitation to Practice

Yoga is about finding your inner light, about soaring from within. Soaring on the wings of change, as change is the only constant – in our lives, on this planet, in this universe, in every breath. Yet there is something which is unchanging, which is light, there underneath the layers. I would like to  invite you to come practice with me. Come join me on this inner quest, peeling off the layers, revealing the diamond inside. Cecilia