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Yoga, Hiking and Midnight Sun

 Yoga, trekking, hiking, midnight sun, Helags Fjällstation, Helags Natinonal Park

It’s an honour to welcome you to our yoga and hiking trips in the pristine, untouched nature of Swedish Southern Lapland at Helags Fjällstation/Mountain Station during the summer of 2019. We have been arranging these trips since 2015 and thoroughly enjoy it. The air, the nature, the mountain, the fresh water you can drink out of the creeks, the colours of the summer flowers and greens, the view of the glacier, the reindeer walking through the Mountain Station, it’s all breathtaking and healing at the same time.

No previous experience of hiking or yoga necessary!

We will be staying together at the Mountain Station with full board, enjoying two yoga sessions per day during the morning and the evening. There will also be a seminar on the theme “Holistic Health” including nutritional advice during the weekend.

We will gather at Emma Britas Cafe in Börtnan Thursday morning for brunch together and an introduction of the program for the weekend. You will be able to make a good picnic from all the food on the buffet to bring in your own backpack for the hike. We have transport arranged to the parking spot Kläppen where our trek begins . From there we trek to to Helags Fjällstation , a 14 km hike/walk along beautiful flowery trails, passing next to lakes and creeks as we ascend.

During the days of our stay at the mountain station in the National Park you will have the possibility to take different walks/hikes/treks with our mountain guide in the magic mountains of Helagsmassiven. Or you can spend the days however you choose or wish yourself  taking your own hikes/walks in the area, going on a safari to meet the arctic fox in it´s natural habitat, hike to the top of the mountain or just relax in the beautiful, serene mountain environment.

We trek back down towards Ljungdalsbyn on Sunday morning. From there we depart to our home or next destination. For those who wish transfer to and from Östersund (Airport Åre/Östersund with 14 direct flights per day to and from Stockholm, Trainstation Östersund has 4 train departures per day as well) is available for an additional fee.

Languages spoken for yoga & seminar ; Swedish, English, Dutch, German

Languages spoken for hiking/trekking , safari etc : Swedish, English

Space is limited to a maximum of 12 people.

Dates: July 18th – 21st2019

 Investment :

Early Bird A, booking before 30/3           € 850 :-

Early Bird B, booking btwn 30/3 and 20/4        € 900 :-

Full price, booking after 20/4                  € 935 :-


  • full board (3 nights lodging, breakfast, lunchpackage, and three course dinner)
  • brunch and lunch package at Börtnan on the way up Thursday
  • 6 yoga sessions with our own yoga teacher
  • 3 additional meditation sessions with our own meditation instructor
  • our own mountain guide, customizing our daily hikes
  • 1 seminar by our own nutritionist


Transfer from Östersund,

return;EUR 60 :- pp, let us know if you would like to book this one additionally.



We are staying in 4-bed rooms at Helags Fjällstation / Mountain Station. Bed linen and towels are provided. At the mountain station there are also showers and a sauna plus a small store where you can buy your own snacks or other supplies you might need during your stay in the mountains.

Fresh food is flown in by helicopter daily to the Mountain Station. The kitchen at Helags Mountain Station is well known for its delicious, locally ecologically sourced and foraged foods, cooked from scratch at every meal, served at their very cozy restaurant.

What National Geographic has to say about Helags as their # 3 on their ”World´s best hikes” ; – /helagsfjallet-mountain-sweden_91186_600x450.jpg

About us:

Evelina Åslund;


Internationally certified wildnerness, tracking and hunting guide, mindfulness instructor and massage therapist, television host at SVT / Swedish National Television.


Cecilia Götherström;

Swedish, based in The Netherlands and Sweden.

Internationally certified Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Languages spoken: Swedish, English, German, Dutch


Space is limited to a maximum of 12 persons.


Note for the Swedish Speakers – till de svensktalande


Ni har möjlighet att boka själva gällande boende på fjällstationen : helpension, halvpension, på golvbädd, eget rum eller tältplats till ett annat , lägre, pris. Vänligen se Facebook Event från JoyEvent –– eller kontakta oss!



Feel free to contact us with any questions and / or to sign up.


+31 -6-46157019

  • also for FaceTime

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