Month: June 2016

Guest Teacher Sarah Richer from Canada, July 1st in Heemstede

I am totally stoked to introduce my dear collegue and friend , Vijnana Yoga Teacher Sarah Richer from Canada to you all here in The Netherlands. This coming Friday she is guest teaching at EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede. Looking forward to seeing you all there! When? Friday 1/7, 18.00-19.30 Investment : EUR 15:- or 1 x on your “strippen-kaart” All levels welcome! Sarah is from Montreal but has lived on the Canadian West Coast for the last 15 years. She studied yoga as an avocation for 10 years before taking her first teacher training. After several years of teaching, she began to experience discomfort in her joints from overdoing it in yoga, and had to learn how to put her body back together. She will be teachings the basics of differentiating passively stretching, or elongating, tissues and areas of the body as opposed to actively taking joints to their end range of motion, and challenging the supporting system of muscles and tissues to hold the body in its end range of motion, as …

Chia Pudding

Chiapudding – yummy recipe

I have to admit that the first time I had a go at making the now oh-so-trendy Chia Pudding for the first time, the result was the same as that initial sip of shampoo you get down your throat as a kid when you don´t listen to your mum asking you to keep your eyes and mouth closed as she is washing your hair (aged 3 or so 😉 🙂 ). Totally not yum, or anything close to it. So I stayed off making any of these the-worlds-easiest-and-fastest-plus-superhealthy breakfasts for almost a year, savouring the tasty one´s I could get in cafés in Östersund, Göteborg, Köbenhavn, Haarlem, Heemstede, Amsterdam… Then a few weeks ago this recipe landed in our shopping cart – can´t remember if it was from Dekamarkt or AH, but anyway – it´s totally yum! Not a hint of shampoo taste, just total bliss. If you´d like to try it, here it is; Ingredients; 1 can full fat coconut milk 40 gr chia seeds 2 tbspns honey or maple syrup 1 tspn vanilla extract Half a mango …

Happy Food – seminar in Haarlem, 10/6

Welcome to the second seminar by Yummy, Fun And Healthy Living in our Sweet Life Series. This time we will dig in to Happy Food. What food actually makes us happy and why…? Do you want to discover why you crave specific food? What is behind the comfort food idea? Would you like to gain a better understanding of all these strange words like omega, serotonin, vitamins or tryptophan? And what are the foods that actually do make us Happy? Let Cecilia guide you and help you to understand the nutritional and physiological reasons behind our cravings and find the healthiest choices making you feel even happier! Stephanie will give you some practical cooking tips and recipes ideas to help you apply it in your daily cooking and living without stress. All this in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere with coffee, tea and snacks. The purpose of this is fun get together is to gather you people who´d like to take better care of your body, to live a healthier life, without dropping the fun and …

Global Wellness Day 11/6

Saturday June 11th is Global Wellness Day, a day when there is a global focus on all facets of Wellness. Studio Stark and Appetite Voyage would like to honour and celebrate this very day together with so many more Wellness Facilitators all over The Netherlands. We do this by offering two spots for free in our seminar on Happy Foods, taking place in Haarlem on Friday the 10th of July at 19.00. Two spots for somebody who really needs some Wellness in their life, but has limited funds and possiblities lately. Is there somebody in your life you would like to give a spot to, or are even you yourself that somebody? More information on the Facebook event of Happy Foods. Welcome! Cia & Stephi And please, do share! <3