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About Studio Stark

“Stark” is “strong” in the Swedish language.

What Studio Stark represents is finding your true strength, from the inside out.

We are all born with our own unique strengths, our own unique talents, our own road to take in this life, while simultaneously being members of this intricate web called life.

By finding our way back home to the one we were born to be, re-discovering our own strengths, vigour and stamina, what inspires us, who we are , we can live our best life from that very place – where the strongest you is part of all life on this planet.

It is literally impossible to change or influence anything or anyone outside of yourself unless you have found, can understand, and act from your own inner being, your own core.


Welcome to Studio Stark!

Through the tools of yoga, nutrition plus training with kettlebells and your own bodyweight you will take the first steps on your road to Strong, or Stronger.

Once you have made that first footstep on your journey you will be surprised about how fast it accelerates.

Studio Stark works with Western scientifically verified methods, hand in hand with traditional Eastern systems, on both group and individual level.


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