“A healthy mind in a healthy body”….. – an often used quote.

It rings true – and it is!

When we do our best to keep our body as healthy as possible our mind will feel healthier too, which basically means we will feel more balanced throughout the days, weeks, months and years.

What we “feed” or “nurture” ourselves with is what makes the boat stay floating or flip over during both the storms and breezes we encounter on the sea of life.

Whether you have a health (be it physical or mental health) – weight, performance or  – energy issue you need or want to address, how you nurture and feed yourself is where it all begins.

As an internationally certified Nutritional Coach, by the renowned Paulun´s Näringscentrum/ Svenska Näringsakademin in Sweden, I will analyse your current habits, look closely at the demands of your daily life along with your goals and work out a customised plan that works for you as well as fits into your lifestyle.

Along the journey you will learn a lot which will enable you to stand on your own two legs in charge of your own health & wellbeing with your newly acquired tools.

So, what are you waiting for?

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