Vijnana Yoga – Practicing , feeling, understanding – from inside


Vijnana Yoga

Vijnana – the act of distinguishing or discerning, understanding, recognizing; intelligence, knowledge, skill, art, science ( Monier Williams Sanskrit- English Dictionary).

Nowadays we are extremely good at multi-tasking, at reacting to whatever goes on around us immediately – be that What´s App, text or Facebook messages, Instagram comments and likes, requests from our managers, colleagues or family. We are being constantly bombarded with information through our sight and hearing wherever we are – at the busstop, in line at the supermarket, while out for dinner with friends….

We can all testify about moments in our lives, sometimes daily even, when all the above adds up and it feels like we just want to run off to a place where we can just ”be” for a while – far away from all the noise, all the glare & stare.

So we go on vacation, we arrive back home fully charged with new energy and inspiration , only to discover pretty soon that we are back in ”that place” again. And even though  vacation is both very important and most of the time as wonderful as it can possibly be, it is only temporary.

What can we do to feel less overwhelmed while simultaneously handle all the information and demands in our daily life? How can we find our way back to our own inner voice, our own inner strength – that place where we can listen to both, that place where everything flows in our own rhythm?

I am pretty sure that most of you who have found your way here, to the website of Studio Stark, already have heard that yoga is ”good for you” ;-).

And yes, I have to agree, 100 %, on that point.

The the thing is though that it goes deeper than that, deeper than ”good for you” – practicing the eight limbs of yoga in a well-organized way enhances not just your life but the life of everyone around you.

Through the systematic methods of Vijnana Yoga you will not enjoy just the fruits of the practice of ”just sitting” (meditation), the Vayu´s (ancient techniques of practice to align your body as well as subtle energy systems), the asana´s (the yoga postures) and the flow of these, the wisdom of the ancient yogic scriptures, the pranayama (breathing exercises) and the savasana (the deep relaxation at the end of every practice / lesson) – you will also learn how you , through the application of  ”The Seven Vital Principles” can check in to your own inner voice and inner power.

As your practice becomes a habit, deepens by itself, you will expand both your knowledge of and connection to your true self. From that place you will always be able to tap in to what course to take on your own journey.

Once you are used to practicing, training, feeling and understanding from the inside it won´t matter any more how loud or how quiet the space around you is. You can stay focused and rooted on your island while taking part in the big whole all at the same time.

Studio Stark would love to welcome you to come try it out for yourself, as words are just words ;-).


Looking forward to meeting you on the yogamat!



”A yoga teacher is a trusted guide and you cannot replace that trust and inspiration overnight with someone else”

  • SuYhen


”Thanks, my dear for the great support, you are wonderful …”

  • Jasmine