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Cecilia Götherström

Cecilia Götherström

My name is Cecilia Götherström – the founder of Studio Stark. Nature and the elements have always been my biggest love, drive and passion, next to the fundamental components of Movement and Health. Looking back at my life until now, these have always intertwined like a red thread , an interwoven braid, – whether sailing in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere in all weathers, on the mountain in deep snow with my snowboard strapped to my feet midwinter,  upside down in a headstand in the Midnight Sun on midsummer night, hanging with huskies and friends by a campfire after a hike, or teaching yoga for surfer´s on the beach while learning to get further out than the white water myself ☺ – and more. This love of movement, strength and health has taken me down the road of creating Studio Stark to guide and coach others on their journey to their ultimate strength and wellbeing – inner and outer. A large part of this is being, and staying, trained, educated and up to date within these fields …

weekly schedule

Weekly Schedule

Fridays 9.00, Vijnana Yoga, Praktijk Deen, Heemstede Sundays 09.30, Vijnana Yoga these yoga lessons are by Studio Stark self, full length traditional yoga lessons of 1,5 hours – at Solid Performance, Cruquius. Sign up through email or What’s App :  . 06-46157019   Warm, warm welcome dearest yogis!