Training, Mora

We all have body.

This body is designed to move a lot, to eat so that it can move and live well –  and then to do a bit of ”other things”.

Nowadays our life is created so that we do a lot of ”other things”, eat what is convenient, move very little or hardly at all.

Not very many  of us have an extra handful of hours per day to add in for movement throughout our days. The good news however is that we don´t really need that either!

What we need is training and movement which supports our daily life, makes and keeps us strong, ups our happy hormones, gives us more energy immediately, allows us to perform better at every level be that in the office or at the Olympic Games and does not take huge extra chunks out of our week.

That has existed , plus worked tremendously well, since the beginning of times – from the times when we actually foremostly moved, secondly ate and thirdly did ”other things” ;-).

At Studio Stark we train with our own body weight and with kettlebells – focusing on movement patters and strength in every session, tailored to your specific needs. You will leave every session feeling stronger, more flexible, more accomplished – guaranteed!

We are certified through the worlds leading organization in both Bodyweight (PCC / Progressive Calisthenics Certification)  and Kettlebell Training (RKC / Russian Kettlebell Cerrtification)  – Dragon Door , with extremely high quality standards and regular re-certification tests.

Plus, we love movement, we love training, we love sharing – and we  can´t wait to see you!



RKC Stockholm