Month: November 2016

Yoga - Not an escape room

Yoga – not an escape room

Yoga is not here to let us escape from life. It is here to show us how to decipher what we believe life is. To see what is.  So many times people share their stories of how they cannot cope with the stresses of every day life, with what is percieved as a pushy boss, an inconsiderate co worker, a demanding family member, the commute to work and more if they did not have yoga. That is a beautiful thing to hear. It means that somewhere the heart, the mind, the body, the soul is finding space. Is finding release. Is discovering relief. And that zone of expanse you experience on your yoga mat is a magnificent place to start. Yoga is, however, not an escape room. Don´t get me wrong – I also came to yoga with a broken body, a broken heart, a confused and somewhat broken mind. At least that is how I percieved it all back then in the year of 2000. Like so many others I also arrived on the …

Yoga vacation, Yoga & Healthy Lifestyle Week in Sweden

Yoga & Healthy Lifestyle Week in the Winter Wonderland of Sweden

7 days all inclusive March 16-22 2017   Would you like to keep living a sweet life in the absence of all things deemed as “unhealthy” – but you don’t even know where to start? Revsunds Prästgård B&B – together with certified nutritionist, yoga teacher and Health Coach Cecilia Götherström and food blogger & connoisseur Stephanie Mazier – has put together a full week´s unique course right in the middle of the breath taking Swedish nature. A full week where you will receive all the tools for a healthy lifestyle plus learn how to meet every day stresses & challenges while staying strong and glowing from the inside out. Including daily yoga and meditation sessions. You lodge at the previous priests quarters built in 1906 in the Swedish county of Jämtland. The turn of the century manor at the shore of Lake Revsund breathes a serene atmosphere. Outside the world is tucked in under a soft, thick blanket of snow. Indoors the logs are crackling in the fireplace. There are no distractions. Only nature to inspire you, the silence to …