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Cooking and nutrition workshop ; Detox – what is it actually?

When : Saturday 1/4 11.00 – 15.00

Where: Drapeniersstraat, Vijfhoek, Haarlem

Detox. Cleansing. Eat Clean. Sugar free. Gluten free. Lactose free. Cruelty free. And so many more words & terms are being thrown around out there in Food & Nutrition Lalaland , all in the same sentences – but do we know what they mean? Do we know how it works, or – more importantly maybe –  if it works?

What is ”it” ?

If we were to tell you that when it comes to the inital meaning of ”detox” as a word in our modern day vocabulary and the space it is currently inhabiting we would also need to throw in words like Ramadan, Lent, Metal Element, – would that make sense to you?

Let´s get down to both the nitti gritti of ”detox” as well as what does and does not work, what is the intended meaning and practice, how and what can & will benefit You, what can you toss out the window and what can you keep once and for all.

Plus, allow us to answer any questions you have on not just the subject of Detox but anything nutrition and Yummy Fun And Healthy Living related!

And most importantly of all, we will roll up our sleeves in the kitchen and get down to cooking some truly yummy, easy to cook, healthy food – loads of fun and laughter included and guaranteed!

Welcome to Yummy, Fun And Healthy Living´s Cooking workshops!

We are totally stoked to be back not only in Haarlem, but in the Vijfhoek, where this success story started years ago, giving these interactive cooking and nutritional workshops where nothing is more important than you, your questions, your needs and what we can both teach and inspire you to bring in to your life.

A very warm welcome!

Your hosts and facilitators;

Stephanie Mazier of Appetit Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark – Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT , complete nutrition-nerd,

Location: Jaap´s Kitchen, Drapeniersstraat, Vijfhoek, Haarlem

Date & Time: Saturday 1/4 11.00 – 15.00

Investment: EUR 65 :- incl tax, cooking workshop, nutritional seminar, tea, coffee, drinks, 3 + course  meal/s, goodie bag, recipe booklet with both what we cook during the workshop as well as additional recipes and advice, Q & A

Sign up/more information or questions; 06-46157019



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