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Mind Detox

Detox is a word which has become almost as common as the word “Iphone” in our every day lingo.

Even though we might not know all the exact down-to-the-nano-particle-of-certain-molecules-or-cells-details-and-functions of neither the word “Detox” nor the word “Iphone” , we are all aware that both words are necessary for our survival ( ? ).
Or at least we know that one is – the other we most likely feel like it would be pretty difficult to survive without.

Well aware of the fact that Detoxification is the process in our bodies which rids our system of toxins we have become more and more picky about what we put in our mouths, on our skin, the quality of the air which we breathe in and more.

But what about the things we let in to our minds through the gateways of our senses?

And what about the stuff that comes out of our mouths as we speak?

Is the music you are playing, the books, magazines and blogs you are reading, the movies you are watching, the people you are spending your time on or off line with aiding your mind with detoxing so that mind can restore it´s balance? Or are they part of making mind more toxic?

During a workshop a few weeks ago one of my teachers asked us; “how does it feel when you gossip, or when you hear gossip? Pretty dirty, eh? Like you have to go wash your hands or brush your teeth! Compare that to when you sing a mantra or give someone honest praise”.

Same story with what enters your mind. Does it make your mind space more beautiful and serene or more clogged with uck?

What comes out of our minds – reflected in our thoughts, actions and speech has once entered in to our minds.

Yogic practice – Sadhana – is about detoxifying the mind. When the mind is detoxed it is clear and has no problem with making the “right” decisions including what is best for the body at any given moment.

At the same time, it is vital to surround ourselves with the people, inspiration, actions and speech which is conducive to this detoxification – not something which is “re-toxing” and filling up at the same speed, or even faster, than what is being detoxed.

Spring is a great time to take stock of what is lifting us up in life, letting that thrive, adding some more water to it´s growth and allowing what is no longer serving us to be washed away by the melt-waters´ flooding waterfalls, river banks and lakes stronger and faster by the day.

Make way for the green, not just on your plate but also in your mind this spring so that you can move in to summer with a clear view.


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