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Livestream yoga Fri 1/5 – Sun 10/5

Dear online LiveStream Yogis,

thank you so much for your support since we started in the first week of this so called “intelligent lockdown” here in The Netherlands, 47 days ago. I love being able to connect and see you all online until we can all meet again live for real.

It has been 47 crazy days for all of us, for some of us more days than that and for some of us less, depending on where on this globe we are living. I just love seeing you from all the continents of this beautiful earth of ours in the livestream classes, thank you!

During these 47 days there’s been a lot of hard work, learning many new things, adjusting your thinking by the day and sometimes even  by the minute. I am sure many of us are experiencing brain fog due to all of this. Including myself. What continues to amaze me is that one session of Yoga Nidra clears a whole week of brain fog. I do this practice myself every Saturday and I it’s like cleaning my glasses when it comes to perception being so much clearer afterwards.

It is time for me to take some days “off’. Some days for my own practice, own recovery, own study. Only when I take time for my own practice and my own studies can I be there for you dear students. You see, the teacher also always remains a student.

So, from tomorrow Friday May 1st until Sunday May 10th this yogi is going to be doing just that.  Retreat, recover, practice, study.

And Monday May 11th I am back 100 % to continue all our online LiveStream lessons, including som new online LiveStream projects.

I love you guys, I am so grateful for our practice together, I will see you Monday the 11th again!

Love, light, hugs and sparkles,
– and the husky ladies

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