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30/10 Yoga Workshop – Your Body As Your Teacher


Sunday 30/10

13.00 – 16.00

EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede

Aches, pains, loss of energy, hyper activity, not enough sleep, too much sleep and more – it is our body letting us know that something is out of skew.

Most of us know that already ;-).

How do we practice and re-learn how to listen to what comes after that signal – our body telling us what the need is?

Your body is your teacher. Always. And as all of us know – some teachers are gentle, guiding and nudging while others are bossy and pushy. Your body is all of that as a teacher, so that we don´t have to go to that place of uncomfort again. And most importantly, so that we can open up to that comfort that is actually possible anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to join me in this workshop , for all levels of yogi´s, where we dive in to the theme ”Your Body As Your Teacher”.

See you at  EVA´Z on the 30th of November!

Investment: EUR 35 :-

Sign up/ questions / information;  06-46157019

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