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27/10 – Just for the guys ; Cooking & Nutritional workshop – “ManFood”

  • Food, beer, Vikings & Warriors 😉


We have been teaching cooking and nutritional workshops, holding seminars,  arranging trips for 6 years now under the umbrella of Yummy, Fun and Healthy Living. Having seen the trend in commercials the past years, in media, in training for you guys and more  a question arose as we were planning the next line of workshops, which was “what about the guys??!!”

So, it is time for a workshop for the men out there!

What about those trends, myths and ideas rolling around lately that we are all cavemen and need to eat like a caveman? And if we do, what did a caveman really eat? How did a caveman really live and move? What about the modern cave-men, the one who likes his beer – the Viking and Warrior-part, which came slightly later than the caveman?

How can he live Healthily ever after while still having a Fun life? What food stuff makes a man feel like a man and what food stuff does the opposite?

In this workshop we will dive straight into cooking a meal, while enjoying a cold beer or two and simultaneously filling up on real scientific knowledge mixed in with some fun historical and mythological facts where science meets Netflix in some ways.

At the end of the workshop we eat the meal we cooked, while another seminar sums up the facts and fiction leaving plenty of room for any questions you have on the subject.

The more questions that arise, the merrier!


Your hosts and facilitators;

 Stephanie Mazier of Appetite Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark –  Internationally Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT , complete nutrition-nerd,


Time & Date; Thursday 27/10 19.00 – 22.00

Investment; EUR 65 :- incl btw, cooking workshop, seminar, Q & A, booklet with recipe´s , food & drinks

Location; Haarlem/Heemstede


Sign up / more information / questions; 06-46157019


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