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Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind

Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind A Vijnana Yoga Workshop by Dick & Cecilia

– A Vijnana Yoga Workshop by Dick & Cecilia

Haarlem 17/9, 13.00

A relaxed body becomes stable and quite.

A quiet mind can see, hear, feel, sense, understand on a totally different level than we are used to operating on in daily life.

This quite mind and this stable body are actually one and the same, making both acting and reacting without clenching, without holding on, possible. Leaving you with immeasurable possibilities ;-).

Come join us in this Vijnana Yoga workhop in Haarlem with Dick Langenberg and Cecilia Götherström, where we dive deep in to the first two principles of Vijnana Yoga – Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind.

Warm welcome to all levels of yogis!

Dick & Cecilia

Cecilia (  and Dick (  have been and still are studying, teaching, practicing and laughing together for more than 12 years now – nationally and internationally.

C U on the mat!
And bring all your questions 😉 !

When: Sunday 17/9 2017, 13.00 – 16.00
Where : Movement Studio Haarlem, Kinderhuissingel 4E
Investment : EUR 45 :-
Sign up and/or ask for more information:, 06-46157019 , 06-14448111





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