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Happy Foods – Cooking & Nutritional Workshop

Welcome to the first of 2017 ´s cooking and nutritional adventures by Yummy Fun And Healthy Living. What better way would there be to kick off the new year with then a fun workshop on the theme Happy Foods 😉 ?

In this workshop we will get our hands dirty in the kitchen, we will fill our tummies with Happy Food, we will fill our minds with scientific knowledge on how our brain works and what foods trigger what plus maybe most importantly  how come  the way to happiness goes through both the gut and the brain simultaneously. Like the chicken and the egg, which ones comes first 😉 and why ?

Plus, we will have fun – the most important ingredient of them all!

The afternoon consists of a cooking part, a nutritional seminar part and finishes off with us all enjoying the food we cooked together around the table. Every workshop always creates a great fun Q & A atmosphere as well, so feel free to ask any questions regarding nutrition and health, recipes, food allergies etc you might have anytime and do bring all the questions you have already with you!

You will receive a booklet with all the recipes, some additional recipes, nutritional tips & tricks to take home with you too.

Warm welcome!

Your hosts and facilitators;

 Stephanie Mazier of Appetit Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark – Internationally Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT, complete nutrition-nerd,

Time & Date; Saturday 28/1 13.00 – 17.00

Investment; EUR 65 :- incl btw, cooking workshop, seminar, Q & A, booklet with recipe´s , food & drinks

Location; Haarlem/Heemstede

 Sign up / more information / questions; 06-46157019









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