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22/10 , Cooking and Nutritional Workshop – Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health


Welcome to part 2 in our “Myths and Truths” series!

Last time we dove in to sugar – this time we are diving in to “Myths and Truths about Fat/s and Your Health”.

How exciting!

We are actually totally stoked to be hosting this workshop on this very subject – first of all as there is of course so much Yummy, Fun and Healthy Food to be cooked within this theme.

Secondly as we love to give these workshops and meet all of you.

Thirdly because if there is any section within nutrition that has been swinging up and down, back and forth when it comes to trends and myths the past 30 years – Fat/s is the true winner. Science and research wise, it has been a true trip of discovery in to the nature of our digestive system and metabolism next to the tremendous effect and importance to our health.

So, we will learn all there is to learn about Fat/s and Your Health in this workshop. We will cook some tremendously Yummy food in this workshop. We will be able to ask all we want to know, to question all we would like to question in this workshop – the more questions the merrier. And, of course, at the end of the workshop we will all sit down together and enjoy the delicious meal we all prepared.

Plus, we can promise, it will be loads of fun!

Your hosts and facilitators;

Stephanie Mazier of Appetite Voyage –  International Food blogger, Writer,  Food & Beverage Connoisseur and recipe tweaker extraordinaire,

Cecilia Götherström of Studio Stark –  Certified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Writer, PT , complete nutrition-nerd,

Location: Haarlem / Heemstede

Time and date: Saturday 22/10 , 13.00 – 17.30

Investment: EUR 65 :-  – including tax, cooking workshop, seminar, Q & A , booklet with recipe´s , food & drinks

For registration / questions / more information;

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