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Snack bar – the healthy one ;-)

Energy bar, gluten free, dairy free, raw, paleo

Quite often I see recipe´s in magazines and books which I then either rip out (that´s for the magazines eh 😉 ) or go ahead and buy the book immediately so that I can test them. If I deem them yummy as well as healthy I share them, always quoting the original source of course ;-).

They ones I share will always be easy to make, as I am – still, and I think always will be – a real klutz in the kitchen.

If it hadn´t been for me being lucky enough to find the best co op partner in the world to work with – thank you Jo Parfitt for introducing us – as well as the most fun, brutally honest and with a heart the size of the distance from here to the end of our galaxy and back, friend, Stephi from Appetite Voyage, I never would have ventured outside the world of already printed and created recipe´s. Ever.

Buuuuuut – Stephi taught me the art and the dare of tweaking recipes. Of adding certain flavours and textures while removing others. Of never being afraid of listening to your own palate as well as any hunches you get while cooking and tasting. And most of all, of never being afraid of trying, laughing your head off when something really weird comes out, then returning to try again and again until you get it. Or get something else, even better.

With that in mind and hindsight, yesterday I embarked on making these “energy bars” from a recipe originating from a AH Magazine, of  which I only had about 1/3 of the ingredients at home – putting my Stephi hat on.

The bars themselves came out looking kind of bland, but the taste…. Boom!

I had them all in two days, so it looks like I will have to make some more again tomorrow. It only took a whopping 10 minutes (or even less actually) to prepare and make these bars. Amazing :-)!

Hope you like them too!



12 dates

1 dl flaxseed

1 dl shredded coconut

1,25 dl cashews

0,75 dl melted coconut oil


What to do with all this;

Chop the dates up first (unless you have a really, really great and expensive mixer – which I don´t, I used a handheld one for these). Then throw all the ingredients together in a bowl (if you use a handheld mixer) or a blender.


Spread out on baking paper.

Leave in the freezer for an hour or so.

Slice in pieces the size you´d like, keep ´em in a container in the fridge till you hear them calling you.


Yummy! Fun! And Easy ;-).





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