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Merry Everything and Happy Livestreams

We are getting used to these fast changes of moving outdoors a bit more freely to locking down slightly, then moving again, then locking down totally, moving again, not moving….

Or maybe we are not getting used to it ;-)?

Either way, the flow of what we call life has been disrupted, shook up, changed and totally put on its head. All we can do is breathe and ask ourselves what the ancient wisdom teachings are saying, often quoted by many inlcuding one of my teachers Gregg Braden “Is this the best I have to offer in this moment?”

Of course that saying goes for what you have to offer yourself as well as the world around you, as they are both interconnected, intertwined. We are not separate from the world around us, neither is it separate from us.

Which is why we are being effected by what happens around us. But, it also means that what you do and decide to do with your own energy, your own self, your own being, your own energy has a profound effect on the world surrounding you.

Yoga is one practice which supports you in all this.

So the best I have to offer in this moment of the latest hard Lockdown in The Netherlends for myself and to the world is to teach Zoom Livestream Yoga again these coming Sunday mornings below. And you are warm, warm welcome to join.
Everyone joining will recieve a recording so that you can follow the class again. If Sunday morning does not work for you, you can still recieve the recording and practice any time later which works for you.

Sun 21/12
Sun 27/12
Sun 3/1
Sun 10/1
Sun 17/1

9.30 -10.45

Some of you already have the 10, 5 or 20 x cards for my regular classes in Cruquius, you can use those for the classes.
Praktijk Deen members can use their Praktijk Deen membership to join.
For everyone else:
EUR 15:- per class or EUR 50:- for all 5.

Just send me an email or a What’s App message on or +31646157019 to sign up.
I will send out the Zoom link the evening before and the recording a few hours after the class.

Really looking forward to seeing you!

Love, hugs and sparkles,

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