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Spring is officially upon us and before we rejoice in all the energy the sun brings us, before we feel it rushing through our bodies and minds filling us with a tremendous intensity of inspiration and motivation, there is always that time of transitioning in to spring from winter.

Yes, we do tend to forget that.

Every year anew we find ourselves sitting there wondering why we are overcome with fatigue and sluggishness, feeling slightly chilly, eyes watering, itchy nose, wrapped in a huge blanket while turning our cheeks to face the sunlight with a craving for that fluttering spring energy to just kick start itself.

Spring, the season of the element Wood, the season of the Liver, the Gallbladder, of Green. The season when the body wakes up again to take in the beauty of life as it re invents itself right before our very eyes.

Being the language nerd I am have for a long time been fascinated with the origin and meaning of words in relation to what they can really tell us about living in balance with our own true nature.

Spring is when life literally “springs” out of the ground. It is the season when we need to aid our livers and gall bladders in cleaning out any muck left from winter as lovingly and gentle as the sun’s rays are melting the snow, allowing the Water Element to flow as part of creating the new life of this year.

Isn´t it interesting then that Liver in Old English was actually called “Lifer” and that “Liver” also can be interpreted as “The One Who Lives”? That Liver in German is called “Leber” and life in German is called “Leben”? That Liver in Dutch is called “Lever” and life in Dutch is “Leven”? That Liver in my native tongue – Swedish – is called “Lever” which also is the exact same word as “Living”?

( Practice ; )

 Find a place in nature, or on your balcony, or close to your favorite plant or flowers in your house or office to sit.

Get comfortable – preferably in a cross-legged position on the floor with cushions or blankets supporting you. It is important to sit high enough so that you don´t have to hold yourself up from your lower back.

Sit so that your knees are lower than, or in line with, the height of your hipbones. Of course it is fine to sit on a chair if you cannot sit on the floor. If you do sit on a chair make sure to have your feet flat on the floor.

Observe nature. Use your eyes as if they are seeing nature for the first time – which in a way of course they are, as every moment is new. Take it in. Then gently close your eyes, bring nature inwards, just sit and listen. Listen to life, really Listen.

Whatever is going on inside right now is there to tell you something. You are listening to understand and to then decide if this is something that represents renewed life and energy. Is it something you want to bring and plant in your life in spring to have it bloom in summer or is it something that might have served you but is now ready for the compost?

Inhale the smell of wood, the scent of spring. Let it linger. What does it tell you?

When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Meet life.

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