Year: 2016

Happy Food – seminar in Haarlem, 10/6

Welcome to the second seminar by Yummy, Fun And Healthy Living in our Sweet Life Series. This time we will dig in to Happy Food. What food actually makes us happy and why…? Do you want to discover why you crave specific food? What is behind the comfort food idea? Would you like to gain a better understanding of all these strange words like omega, serotonin, vitamins or tryptophan? And what are the foods that actually do make us Happy? Let Cecilia guide you and help you to understand the nutritional and physiological reasons behind our cravings and find the healthiest choices making you feel even happier! Stephanie will give you some practical cooking tips and recipes ideas to help you apply it in your daily cooking and living without stress. All this in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere with coffee, tea and snacks. The purpose of this is fun get together is to gather you people who´d like to take better care of your body, to live a healthier life, without dropping the fun and …

Global Wellness Day 11/6

Saturday June 11th is Global Wellness Day, a day when there is a global focus on all facets of Wellness. Studio Stark and Appetite Voyage would like to honour and celebrate this very day together with so many more Wellness Facilitators all over The Netherlands. We do this by offering two spots for free in our seminar on Happy Foods, taking place in Haarlem on Friday the 10th of July at 19.00. Two spots for somebody who really needs some Wellness in their life, but has limited funds and possiblities lately. Is there somebody in your life you would like to give a spot to, or are even you yourself that somebody? More information on the Facebook event of Happy Foods. Welcome! Cia & Stephi And please, do share! <3

Glutenfree paleo cracker

Super healthy, yummy crackers in no time

Being allergic to gluten means it is not that easy to just grab something when it´s snack time. Which might feel sligth annoying at times , yet is is a true blessing for your health as you get in to using more and more pure foods – cooking and creating from scratch. I found the base of this recipe in one of those free magazines you get at your supermarket, some months ago. As usual I did not have all the ingredients in the house as I got to test this recipe yesterday , but I did have quite some things I could supplement with. Imagine my surprise when these were not just super easy and mega fast to make, but actually tasted divine :-). Go ahead and try  for yourself! Ingredients; 150 grams almond flour 70 grams seeds – I used a mix of flaxseed, pumpkinseed and sunflower seeds this time 1,5 tbspn olive oil 1 sligtly whisked egg 2 tspns of dried herbs Heat your oven to 180 degrees C. Mix all the …

Yoga, Studio Stark, Cecilia Götherström, Heemstede

Friday Flow, 27/5

May 27th 2016, 19.00 – 20.30 Eva´z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede Welcome to join the bi-monthly Friday Flow lesson at Eva´z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede on May 27th! In the name of Flow, we move through the practices of ”just sitting”, breathing / pranyama, a series of postures woven together in a holistic way, ending with a deep relaxation/savasana. The focus will lie on experiencing the flow of one moment to the next, or as you could call it from one ”now” to the next ”now” ;-). Warm welcome to all levels of yogi´s! Really looking forward to flowing together! Namasté, Cecilia Limited amount of space available – max 11 participants! To sign up: 06-46157019

Sunday 15/5, Morning Yoga in Haarlem

A once in a blue moon Sunday morning lesson this coming Sunday , May the 15th right in the heart of Haarlem. Welcome to join this Rise & Shine Sunday morning flow at the studio of HOF20, Begijnhof 20 9.30 – 11.00 We will go through the flow of the Vijnana Yoga practice of mediation, pranayama/breathing , asana´s /postures and end with a heavenly savasana/relaxation. All levels of yogi´s welcome. Bring a friend too if you´d like! Investment; EUR 15:- Sign up / questions / information; / 06-46157019 Warm welcome!

Yoga Workshop : The World Upside Down – A Different Perspective ;-)

As children we learn about life through play. As adults we quite often tend to take life too seriously. When we do, play is a great way to ”snap us out of it”, gives us a new perspective. And we all know there is nothing more refreshing than a different perspective. OK then, maybe a fresh sea breeze as well 😉 Welcome to join us in this playful Inversions Workshop – with a sea breeze if the weather allows, indoors if that breeze is too refreshing. You will have two internationally certified Vijnana Yoga teachers guiding you through our journey in a safe, professional, caring and also fun way to whatever inversion and new perspective your own destination may be this very Sunday morning. Dick and Cecilia have both been studying, teaching, practicing and laughing together for 11 years now, nationally and internationally. Saturday 14th of  May Place: At the beach just at the end of the Boulevard southbeach Zandvoort aan Zee-if the weather is nice, otherwise: Pilates Studio Haarlem- Kinderhuissingel 4E Time: 14.00- 17.00h Investment: € 45,- …

Energy bar, gluten free, dairy free, raw, paleo

Snack bar – the healthy one ;-)

Quite often I see recipe´s in magazines and books which I then either rip out (that´s for the magazines eh 😉 ) or go ahead and buy the book immediately so that I can test them. If I deem them yummy as well as healthy I share them, always quoting the original source of course ;-). They ones I share will always be easy to make, as I am – still, and I think always will be – a real klutz in the kitchen. If it hadn´t been for me being lucky enough to find the best co op partner in the world to work with – thank you Jo Parfitt for introducing us – as well as the most fun, brutally honest and with a heart the size of the distance from here to the end of our galaxy and back, friend, Stephi from Appetite Voyage, I never would have ventured outside the world of already printed and created recipe´s. Ever. Buuuuuut – Stephi taught me the art and the dare of tweaking recipes. …

Nutritional Seminar ; – Myths and Truths about Sugar And Your Health

Wednesday May 4th 2016, 16.00 – 18.00 By LIMA, Haarlem All you ever wanted to know about sugar, but never dared to or knew who to ask! You will get some great nutritional insights from internationally certified nutritionist Cecilia Gotherstrom and plenty of recipes and food ideas from food connoisseur and international food blogger Stephanie Mazier. All this in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere with coffee, tea and snacks. The purpose of this is fun get together is to gather you people who´d like to take better care of your body, to live a healthier life, without dropping the fun and the yummy! It is the perfect setup to share questions, doubts and beliefs around sugar and what it does to our body, for instance: Is sugar good or bad for me? What is sugar actually? Are my cravings really telling me anything about my sugar intake? Sugar and diabetes, what is the actual link? All these words – glucose, fructose, dextrose, xylitol, aspartame, brown sugar, cane sugar, honey, agave syrup, coconut flower nectar, raw sugar …

Yoga, trekking, hiking, midnight sun, Helags Fjällstation, Helags Natinonal Park

Yoga, Trekking and Midnight Sun

  August 4th – 7th 2016  &  August 11th – 14th 2016 Welcome to our yoga and trekking long weekends at Helags Fjällstation/Mountain station in Swedish Lapland during the summer of 2016. No previous experience necessary! We will be staying together at the Mountain Station with full board, enjoying two yoga sessions per day during the morning and the evening. There will also be a seminar on the theme “Holistic Health” including nutritional advice during the weekend. We will gather at the Inn Wärdshuset Helags in Ljungdalen Thursday morning for a meal together and an introduction of the program for the weekend. You will be able to make a picnic from all the food on the buffet to bring in your own backpack for the hike. We have transport arranged to the parking spot Kläppen where our trek begins . From there we trek to to Helags Fjällstation , a 14 km hike/walk along beautiful flowery trails, passing next to lakes and creeks as we ascend. During the days of our stay at the mountain …

Yoga and nutrition workshop, Detox, Haarlem, Heemsted

Yoga & Nutrition workshop – theme Detox

May 21st, EVA´Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede Welcome to this new Yoga & Nutrition workshop at EVA´z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede on Saturday May the 21st.   Detox is a word that has been and is being throw around in a lot of different directions and contexts over past years.To tell the truth, a lot of the time this awesome concept it is taken greatly out of it´s actual context, at other times it is completely misunderstood. Detoxification is a natural process in the body as well as in nature. 24/7 it goes on without us even realizing it most of the time. When we do realize the process exists is usually when something is out of whack ;-). How to optimize the enviroment for this natural process in our bodies, our minds and our surroundings, how to completely understand the way detoxification works as well as how it does not , that is what will be focusing on, experiencing and learning in this unique workshop. In a space where the science of yoga …