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Yoga - Not an escape room

Yoga – not an escape room

Yoga is not here to let us escape from life. It is here to show us how to decipher what we believe life is. To see what is.  So many times people share their stories of how they cannot cope with the stresses of every day life, with what is percieved as a pushy boss, an inconsiderate co worker, a demanding family member, the commute to work and more if they did not have yoga. That is a beautiful thing to hear. It means that somewhere the heart, the mind, the body, the soul is finding space. Is finding release. Is discovering relief. And that zone of expanse you experience on your yoga mat is a magnificent place to start. Yoga is, however, not an escape room. Don´t get me wrong – I also came to yoga with a broken body, a broken heart, a confused and somewhat broken mind. At least that is how I percieved it all back then in the year of 2000. Like so many others I also arrived on the …