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Yoga and nutrition workshop, Detox, Haarlem, Heemsted

Yoga & Nutrition workshop – theme Detox

May 21st, EVA´Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede Welcome to this new Yoga & Nutrition workshop at EVA´z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede on Saturday May the 21st.   Detox is a word that has been and is being throw around in a lot of different directions and contexts over past years.To tell the truth, a lot of the time this awesome concept it is taken greatly out of it´s actual context, at other times it is completely misunderstood. Detoxification is a natural process in the body as well as in nature. 24/7 it goes on without us even realizing it most of the time. When we do realize the process exists is usually when something is out of whack ;-). How to optimize the enviroment for this natural process in our bodies, our minds and our surroundings, how to completely understand the way detoxification works as well as how it does not , that is what will be focusing on, experiencing and learning in this unique workshop. In a space where the science of yoga …