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Waffles to me is one of the most Swedish dishes ever.

Waffles instantly make me think of my grandmother´s kitchen, cold winter days in the snow  with friends and once we were cold to the bone after hours of pulka rides and snowball fights, arriving at grandma´s for freshly made waffles with jam and whipped cream.

Waffles takes me back to days on the ski slopes in Sälen , stopping by the “Våffelstuga” – literally translated “the waffle hut” – to fill up with energy through , you guessed it , waffles , whipped cream and jam.

Since then I found out –  8 years ago –  that I am allergic to gluten, plus I have cut out sugar entirely of my diet and dairy products rarely enter our household.

Every time my friend Stina posts her healthy waffles she makes in the mornings on Instagram and Facebook I get instant home-sickness mixed with this urgent need to have waffles – which a has been going on for at least 3 years :-).

So when one of my Instagram friends , whom happen to live in the same city as I am and is Swedish, brought me back a Swedish waffle iron last fall from one of her travels “home” I was over the moon. I made quite a few attempts at gluten free waffles, but they all tasted like paper and cardboard to be honest.

Then, about a month ago,  I remembered having heard my mother say one day some decades ago that waffle batter is essentially the same as pancake batter.

And we all seem to eat these “two ingredient pancakes” the past year or two , right?

So, I pimped that recipe a bit – tried a few different combinations and finally, waffles!

Waffles, yummy enought to eat. Waffles, yummy enough to eat and being gluten free, sugar free as well packed with ingredients great for your health! Bam!

I think I have been posting “waffles for breakfast”, “waffles for brunch”, “waffles for lunch”, “waffles as snack” a few times per week on Instagram ever since 🙂 , and a lot of people have asked me to share the recipe.

Here it is – per person your ingredients are;

1 banana

1 dl porridge oats

3 eggs

cinnamon powder

turmeric powder

baking soda

half a handful of dried mulberries

half a handful of dried goji or blueberries


Just like with the banana pancake you mush the banana with a fork. The you add and mush in the baking soda, cinnamon and turmeric powder.

Add eggs, mulberries, goji or blueberries and the oats. Mix it all.

Heat up your waffle iron. Add some coconut oil to your waffle iron if needed. Batter in the iron , wait a few minutes and you are ready to rock.

Serve with berries or fruit preferred.  Sprinkle with coconut flakes if you´d like.







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