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Weekly Schedule

weekly schedule

Weekly Group Lessons;

Mondays @ 18.00, Dynamic Flow Yoga, Eva´Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede 

Tuesdays @ 09.00, Yoga during and after breast cancer, ZOED, Haarlem

Tuesdays @ 11.00, Yoga during hormone therapy, ZOED, Haarlem

Wednesdays @ 09.00, Classical Yoga, ZOED, Haarlem

Thursdays @ 19.15, Yoga & Kracht / Yoga & Strength ,  YogaCentrum Hoofddorp

Thursdays @ 20.45, Hatha Yoga – in English ,  YogaCentrum Hoofddorp

Fridays @ 9.45, Restorative Yoga,  YogaCentrum Hoofddorp


Warm welcome!


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