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Friday Flow @ EVA`Z


Friday 20/4, 20.00 – 11.30

The monthly Friday Flow at EVA`Z is back!

Warm welcome to join on Friday April 20th at 20.00 for an hour and a half of heavenly flow including a restorative relaxation. The best way possible to float in to the weekend ;-)!

Investment: EUR 19:-

Sign up / aanmelding: via Cecilia; , 06-46157019

Looking forward to seeing you all on the mat!


Yoga Workshop @ EVA`Z

Yoga Heemstede

One Body, One Mind

Saturday 21/4, 11.00 – 14.00

Warm welcome all yogi´s – from first timers to long timers to this workshop with the theme ”One Body, One Mind”. We will dive in to dissolving the scattered mind through working with the body and the breath as one unit, as well as quieting the mind through meditation and relaxation. Basically – alles komt aan bod 😉

When:  Saturday 21/4 11.00 – 14.00

Where: EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede

Investment: EUR 37 :- pp, or EUR 52:- for 2 people (EUR 26:- pp when signing up for 2 )

Benefits: quiet mind, centered body, a sense of well-being

Sign up / questions:  / 06-46157019

Yoga Workshop @ YogaCentrum Hoofddorp 9/3

Stilte en Kracht in de Storm


Soms voelt het als of je in een storm bent terecht gekomen, of in een wasprogramma dat vast lijkt te zitten op centrifugeren.

Yoga geeft je de gereedschappen om de stilte én de kracht te vinden in de storm, om van centrifugeren door naar wasverzachter te gaan.

In deze workshop gaan wij focusen op om juist de stilte en de kracht in de storm te vinden. Fysiek, energiek en mentaal.

En het maakt niet uit of dit je eerste kennismaking is met yoga, of je 23415e keer – je bent van harte welkom!

Ik kijk er echt naar uit om je te zien in het Yoga Centrum op vrijdag 9 maart!

Van harte welkom!



Yoga Workshop @ EVA`Z, 5/11

– ”Dogs, Wolves and People”


So many of the yoga postures are named after animals and nature.So many of the breathing excercises are named after nature and the elements. So many of us people feel we are missing nature in the busy city  – at the same time forgetting that we ARE nature. This breathing, moving, talking body of ours is nature. Nature changes, the seasons change, the body changes. Every moment there is change,  yet we seem to do our best to resist instead of getting in to the gist of this ever changing nature of life. Why J ?

In this workshop we will go in to depth in to some of the excercises – breathing / pranayama, postures / asanas, meditation and relaxation / savasana that will bring us back to the nature of who we are, being able to move with the changes . Excercies that you can bring home and use whenever you´d like.

All levels of yogis, wolves, dogs, trees and people are welcome ;-).
Warm welcome!

Sign up / questions;


EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede

Sun 5/11 , 13.00 – 16.00

Investment : EUR 37 :-

Only 10 spaces available, so be quick!


Yoga Workshop @ EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and nutrition workshop, Detox, Haarlem, Heemsted


Totally stoked to give the first workshop of the season at EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates again – one of my favourite places on Earth!

Warm welcome to all levels of yogis, from first timers to long timers to this workshop where we will dive in to the practice of centering yourself in your body.

We will do this through all the practices of yoga, which are;

  •  breath work / pranayama
  • body work / asanas
  • mind work /meditation
  • knowledge & understanding work / anatomy and pyshiology connected to yoga philosophy and the science of the mind.


When you are able to center yourself in your own body and being, it takes a really strong tropical hurricane to blow you off course. Even when you are blown off your path for a while, with these practices you can get back on track again with a lot less effort than before.

Sooooo looking forward to  welcoming  you on the mat at EVA`Z on Sunday October 8th!



When:  Sunday 8/10 2017, 13.00 – 16.00

Where: EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede

Investment: EUR 37 :- pp, or EUR 52:- for 2 people (EUR 26:- pp when signing up for 2 😉 )

Benefits: relaxed & strong body, quite mind, stable center

Sign up / questions: / 06-46157019