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9/9 – Yoga Workshop – The Path Of Least Resistance, Haarlem

Zon 9/9 10.30 – 13.30

Studio Wilhelminapark, Wilhelminapark 28, Haarlem

€ 35 :- pp

  • of € 50:- voor 2 personen

Hoe kan je ” The Path Of Least Resistance” kiezen in een wereld waar het vaak voelt als of je alle kanten op wordt getrokken ? In een wereled waar je vaak eerder weerstand voelt dan niet?

Dat gaan wij ontdekken in deze yoga workshop die open is voor alle niveaus van yogi´s – of het je 1e les/workshop is of je 5431e.

Warm welkom!

Cecilia Gotherstrom

Aanmelden / vragen;


New lesson / nieuwe les – Yoga en hormonetherapie

Yoga en hormonetherapie

 De tijd met hormonetherapie is vaak overweldigend. Je komt naar huis met en waslijst van potentiële bijwerkingen na je eerste bezoek bij de verpleging oncologië over die informatie van de hormonetherapie. Hun hebben daar ook goed uitgelegd dat sommige geen een bijwerking voelen, anderen heelveel en alles tussenin – je weet dus heelemaal niet wat je wel of niet mee gaat maken.

Deze lessen zijn gericht op het versterken van alles wat de hormonetherapie zoude kunnen verzwakken – fysiek, mentaal een geestelijk. Er is heelveel die wij zelf kunnen doen om sterk door deze perioede te gaan en ook sterk daar uit te komen. Het enige is dat het ons vaak niet wordt verteld.

Tot nu toe ;-).

In deze lessen leren wij ook wat wij dagelijks zelf  t´huis kunnen doen om alles zo soepel mogelijk voor onszelf te laten lopen.

Er is ook voldoende tijd en ruimte in elk les om de helende kracht van yoga te ervaren.

De lessen zijn 1,5 uur.

Wij werken met alle aspekten van yoga – ontspanning / savasana & yoga nidra, ademhaling / pranayama, meditatie,  kracht en mobiliteit op te bouwen via de houdingen/asanas plus en klein stuk yoga filosofie voor de inspiratie en focus – in elk les.

Je wordt begleid door een ervaren yoga docent die zelf ook de reis door borst kanker hebt meegemaakt, en ook midden in de hormonetherapie zit.

De lessen worden gegeven op dinsdag 11.00 – 12.30, bij ZOED Wilhelminapark, Haarlem

 Warm welkom!



New lesson / nieuwe les – Yoga tijdens en na borstkanker, in Haarlem

Yoga tijdens en na borstkanker

 Deze lessen zijn gericht op de tijd die je doormaakt tijdens en na de (borst) kanker diagnose, behandeling/en en herstel.

Wij leggen het focus op het hier en nu, op het voelen van wat er echt aan de hand en wat er echt  nu nodig is om je kracht en stamina te versterken, om je focus en stabiliteit aan te scherpen.

Er is ook voldoende tijd en ruimte in elk les om de helende kracht van yoga te ervaren.

De lessen zijn 1,5 uur.

Wij werken met alle aspekten van yoga – ontspanning / savasana & yoga nidra, ademhaling / pranayama, meditatie,  kracht en mobiliteit op te bouwen via de houdingen/asanas plus en klein stuk yoga filosofie voor de inspiratie en focus – in elk les.

Je wordt begleid door een ervaren yoga docent die zelf ook de reis door borst kanker hebt meegemaakt.

De lessen worden gegeven op dinsdag 09.00 – 10.30, ZOED Wilhelminapark, Haarlem

 Warm welkom!



Summer breakfast

This summery morning I made one of my favourite breakfasts. OK, I confess, I make this one in winter as well, but this time of the year it just seems to taste better. Like the sunshine enhances all about this Strawberry Soup…

It is fast and easy to make,  tastes yum and leaves you really happy from the inside.

All you need is;

200 – 225 grams of strawberries

2 dl of coconut milk

2 teaspoons manuka honey

some fresh mint


You just toss the strawberries, coconut milk and manuka honey in the mixer and mix it all together.

Pour it in a soup bowl.

Add some fresh mint to garnish.


You can of course supplement the strawberries for any other berries you´d like. Go ahead and be as creative as you wish!




Ethical Guidelines for Yoga Teachers

In today´s  modern world , Yoga is widespread and you can find it in basically every gym, school and neighbourhood, which is totally awesome.

In 2007 already, as Yoga began spreading faster than ever around the world, Georg Feuerstein, the most regarded scholar in the West on Yoga and the author of more than 50 books, put together these Ethical Guidelines for Yoga Teachers following below;

“Ethical Guidelines for Yoga Teachers by Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D.

As an integrated way of life, Yoga includes moral standards (traditionally called “virtues”) that any reasonable human being would find in principle acceptable. Some of these standards, known in Sanskrit as yamas or “disciplines,” are encoded in the first limb of Patanjali’s eightfold path. According to Patanjali’s Yoga-Sûtra, this practice category is composed of the following five virtues: nonharming (ahimsâ ), truthfulness (satya), nonstealing (asteya), chastity (brahmacarya), and greedlessness (aparigraha).

In other key scriptures of Yoga, further moral principles are mentioned, including kindness, compassion, generosity, patience, helpfulness, forgiveness, purity, and so on. All these are virtues that we connect with a “good” character and that are demonstrated to a superlative degree in the lives of the great masters of Yoga.

Thus, it seems appropriate for contemporary Yoga teachers to endeavor to conduct their lives in consonance with Yoga’s moral principles, particularly because teachers have a great responsibility toward their students and should be expected to reflect the high moral standards espoused in Yoga. At the same time, we must acknowledge the complexities of our contemporary society, which make it necessary to appropriately adapt the moral standards originally designed for the conditions of pre-modern India. Also, we need to take into proper account the looming environmental crisis by adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

The following guidelines are put forward as a reasonable adaptation for our modern situation, which also takes proper cognizance of the wisdom contained in the heritage of Yoga.

  1. Yoga teachers understand and appreciate that teaching Yoga is a noble and ennobling endeavor that aligns them with a long line of honorable teachers.
  2. Yoga teachers are committed to practicing Yoga as a way of life, which includes adopting the fundamental moral principles of Yoga and making their lifestyle environmentally sustainable (“Green Yoga”).
  3. Yoga teachers are committed to maintaining impeccable standards of professional competence and integrity.
  4. Yoga teachers dedicate themselves to a thorough and continuing study and practice of Yoga, in particular the theoretical and practical aspects of the branch of Yoga that they teach.
  5. Yoga teachers are committed to avoiding substance abuse, and if for some reason they succumb to chemical dependency agree to stop teaching until they are free again from drug and/or alcohol abuse. They will then do everything in their power to remain free, including being fully accountable to a support group.
  6. Yoga teachers especially embrace the ideal of truthfulness in dealing with students and others, including accurately representing their training and experience relevant to their teaching of Yoga.
  7. Yoga teachers are committed to promoting the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of their students.
  1. Yoga teachers, especially those teaching Hatha-Yoga, will abstain from giving medical advice or advice that could be construed as such, unless they have the necessary medical qualifications.
  2. Yoga teachers are open to instructing all students regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and social or financial status.
  3. Yoga teachers are willing to accept students with physical disabilities, providing they have the skill to teach those students properly.
  4. Yoga teachers agree to treat their students with respect.
  5. Yoga teachers will never force their own opinions on students but rather will appreciate the fact that every individual is entitled to his or her worldview, ideas, and beliefs. At the same time, Yoga teachers must communicate to their students that Yoga seeks to achieve a deep-level transformation of the human personality, including attitudes and ideas. If a student is not open to change, or if a student’s opinions seriously impede the process of communicating yogic teachings to him or her, then Yoga teachers are free to decline to work with that individual and, if possible, find an amicable way of dissolving the teaching relationship.
  6. Yoga teachers agree to avoid any form of sexual harassment of students.
  7. Yoga teachers wishing to enter a consensual sexual relationship with a presentor former student should seek the immediate counsel of their peers before taking any action. This is to ensure that the teacher in question is sufficiently clear about his or her motives.
  8. Yoga teachers will make every effort to avoid exploiting the trust of students and their potential dependency, and instead encourage students to find greater inner freedom.
  9. Yoga teachers acknowledge the importance of the proper context for teaching and agree to avoid teaching in a casual manner, which includes observing proper decorum inside and outside of the classroom.
  10. Yoga teachers strive to practice tolerance toward other Yoga teachers, schools, and traditions. When criticism has to be brought, this should be done with fairness and with focus on facts.The above ethical guidelines are not exhaustive, and the fact that a given conduct is not specifically covered does not imply anything about the ethical or unethical nature of that conduct. Yoga teachers always endeavor to respect and to the best of their abilities adhere to the traditional yogic code of conduct as well as to the laws current in their country or state.

For a more detailed account of Yoga’s moral teachings, see Georg Feuerstein’s book

Yoga Morality (2007).
You may copy these guidelines on your website or a bulletin board providing youuse the copyright notice below. No prior permission is needed.
You may not distribute multiple copies of the guidelines without explicit prior permissionfrom TYS.
Copyright ©2003, 2006, 2011 by Georg Feuerstein. All rights reserved.

Traditional Yoga Studies”

Chocolate breakfast muffins

I made these muffins Saturday – orginially from a recipe from a Dutch Paleo magazine –  , posting pics on Instagram as I was baking along. Many of you have contacted me via DM on Instagram, Facebook Messenger, What´s App and more for the recipe the past few days, so instead of typing it out a zillion of times I thought I´d share it here ;-).

You need;

250 gr almond butter

2 eggs (for a vegan version, soak 30 gr of chiaseed in 3 dl of water for 15 minutes and use the whole “gunk” instead of eggs)

3 tbspns raw cacao powder

1 tspn vanilla powder

3 ripe bananas

1,5 tspn baking powder

100 gr of 90 – 100 % dark chocolate, chopped up


How to;

Heat the oven to 200 degrees centigrade.

Add all the ingredients, aside from the dark choclate, and mix them in your kitchen machine or hand held mixer.

Stir in the chopped up chocolate.

Set the muffin liners (you can make your own from parchment paper as well as buy ready ones ) in the baking tray, add the mix.

Bake in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes.



PS. I find these are so rich and filling that one muffin really is enough for breakfast, and also a great post workout pick-me-right-back-up.



Yoga Heemstede

Yoga Workshop @ EVA`Z 21/4

One Body, One Mind

Saturday 21/4, 11.00 – 14.00

Warm welcome all yogi´s – from first timers to long timers to this workshop with the theme ”One Body, One Mind”. We will dive in to dissolving the scattered mind through working with the body and the breath as one unit, as well as quieting the mind through meditation and relaxation. Basically – alles komt aan bod 😉

When:  Saturday 21/4 11.00 – 14.00

Where: EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede

Investment: EUR 37 :- pp, or EUR 52:- for 2 people (EUR 26:- pp when signing up for 2 )

Benefits: quiet mind, centered body, a sense of well-being

Sign up / questions:  / 06-46157019