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Today by Studio Stark;

Studio Stark is taking some time for recovery, healing  and in depth studies. Lessons, workshops, courses and retreats will be back from January 2018.

Wishing you all a gorgeous December and transition in to the New Year!



5/11 – Yoga Workshop @ EVA`Z, Heemstede

– ”Dogs, Wolves and People” 😉

So many of the yoga postures are named after animals and nature.So many of the breathing excercises are named after nature and the elements. So many of us people feel we are missing nature in the busy city  – at the same time forgetting that we ARE nature. This breathing, moving, talking body of ours is nature. Nature changes, the seasons change, the body changes. Every moment there is change,  yet we seem to do our best to resist instead of getting in to the gist of this ever changing nature of life. Why J ?

In this workshop we will go in to depth in to some of the excercises – breathing / pranayama, postures / asanas, meditation and relaxation / savasana that will bring us back to the nature of who we are, being able to move with the changes . Excercies that you can bring home and use whenever you´d like.

All levels of yogis, wolves, dogs, trees and people are welcome ;-).
Warm welcome!

Sign up / questions;


EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Heemstede

Sun 5/11 , 13.00 – 16.00

Investment : EUR 37 :-


Only 10 spaces available, so be quick!

Yoga and nutrition workshop, Detox, Haarlem, Heemsted

Yoga Workshop , Heemstede , 8/10


Totally stoked to give the first workshop of the season at EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates again – one of my favourite places on Earth!

Warm welcome to all levels of yogis, from first timers to long timers to this workshop where we will dive in to the practice of centering yourself in your body.

We will do this through all the practices of yoga, which are;

  •  breath work / pranayama
  • body work / asanas
  • mind work /meditation
  • knowledge & understanding work / anatomy and pyshiology connected to yoga philosophy and the science of the mind.

When you are able to centre yourself in your own body and being, it takes a really strong tropical hurricane to blow you off course. Even when you are blown off your path for a while, with these practices you can get back on track again with a lot less effort than before.

Sooooo looking forward to  welcoming  you on the mat at EVA`Z on Sunday October 8th!


When:  Sunday 8/10 2017, 13.00 – 16.00

Where: EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates, Herenweg 89, Heemstede

Investment: EUR 37 :- pp, or EUR 52:- for 2 people (EUR 26:- pp when signing up for 2 😉 )

Benefits: relaxed & strong body, quite mind, stable center

Sign up / questions: / 06-46157019


Mindful transitions

When the seasons change, especially from the spring into summer and from the summer into the fall we seem to get more out of balance than during other seasonal transitions. It might even feel like at times you’ve been hit with a metal rod on your head while at other times you find yourself looking for both inner and outer bearings to get through this period.

Our first routine response when the more unpleasant sensations are arriving is to push them away. But since we live under the law of gravity we are also being made painfully aware of that anything we push away usually comes back and hits twice as hard from all the momentum gained.

So, why not just grab that metal rod and check it out? What is it? What is it trying to show us, to teach us? First of all, we are transitioning into winter. It would not be wise to be pushed from the warmth, the openness, the flowery dresses and brightly colored surf shorts straight into icy cold, winds biting the cheeks, down coats and Uggs in one go. The contrast would be too big. We are built for balance, for equanimity. Your life might not feel like that and it might sound nuts, but yes – we are built for balance, for equanimity. Just like nature.


The element of Metal is there to transition us from the Fire element of Summer into the Water Element of Winter. I like to picture it as the metal of the ice skate being created and molded in the fire of summer, prepared to slide on the ice of winter with poise and strength.

A great yoga asana to be used for building this strength, balance and awareness while simultaneously allowing to just be and have a laugh as well as we play with the law of gravity, I always find Vrksasana or Tree Pose, to be;

Start off with getting used to standing on one leg first by feeling both rooting and even sinking into the floor. Now, lean more into one foot until the other foot lifts off the floor by itself (the law of gravity ☺).

As that very foot sinks more and more into the floor your knee will bend by itself. Just go with it allowing for more sinking of the foot and more bending of the knee until you feel that you have totally transitioned into that place of being on just one foot. Your other foot will now be hanging almost freely in the air. Reach down while your hips move backwards to gently grab the ankle of the loose hanging foot, positioning the sole of that foot on the inner thigh of your standing leg. Exhale and root both feet – one in the floor and the other into the inner thigh. Observe how this creates the length of the pose and the “tree” grows both roots and a crown simultaneously.

You can place your hands in prayer position or Namaste on your chest or elongate them over your head on either shoulder with or with palms facing each other. For this very season I would keep them in Namaste as this aids the opening and widening of the chest, creating more space for your lungs to exhale and release old gunk to make space for the new clean air coming in.

When you feel it is time to change legs, you very gently place the foot back down, sink into that side and move the same way into Tree Pose or Vrksasana on your opposite side.

The feet are the first parts of our bodies to grow old and weak, and Tree Pose will allow your feet to stay young, strong and alert hence making it one of the most important postures to practice. Another great bonus for this easy pose, which you can practice in less than 5 minutes anywhere you can find a floor!

Friday Flow – 15/9 @ EVA`Z

Friday 15/9 is the day for the first monthly Friday Flow at EVA`Z Yoga & Pilates in Heemstede for the season!

19.00 – 20.30 we are flowing with the theme “Rooting and landing” in a full yoga practice including asanas / postures, just sitting / meditation, pranayama / breathing practices and savasana / relaxation.

All levels of yogi´s are welcome!

Investment: EUR 17:50

Sign up: / 06-46157019


Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind A Vijnana Yoga Workshop by Dick & Cecilia

Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind

– A Vijnana Yoga Workshop by Dick & Cecilia

Haarlem 17/9, 13.00

A relaxed body becomes stable and quite.

A quiet mind can see, hear, feel, sense, understand on a totally different level than we are used to operating on in daily life.

This quite mind and this stable body are actually one and the same, making both acting and reacting without clenching, without holding on, possible. Leaving you with immeasurable possibilities ;-).

Come join us in this Vijnana Yoga workhop in Haarlem with Dick Langenberg and Cecilia Götherström, where we dive deep in to the first two principles of Vijnana Yoga – Relaxing the Body, Quieting the Mind.

Warm welcome to all levels of yogis!

Dick & Cecilia

Cecilia (  and Dick (  have been and still are studying, teaching, practicing and laughing together for more than 12 years now – nationally and internationally.

C U on the mat!
And bring all your questions 😉 !

When: Sunday 17/9 2017, 13.00 – 16.00
Where : Movement Studio Haarlem, Kinderhuissingel 4E
Investment : EUR 45 :-
Sign up and/or ask for more information:, 06-46157019 , 06-14448111





Breakfast ginger banana smoothie

Some days all you want to do is have a very quick breakfast and quite often for me that is when a smoothie or a chia pudding comes in to play.

This smoothie is not just filling and yummy, you can also make extra and have it as one of your snacks later during the day. And it is the perfect post training snack as well.

Just throw all of this in the blender;

2 bananas

1,5 dl water

1 tspn cinnamon

fresh ginger, as much or as little as you´d like

200 gr strawberries (or any other berries ;-), it is strawberry season here right now, so….)

1,5 dl oat, soya or almond milk

2 tspns soy or rice protein powder





Yoga, trekking, hiking, midnight sun, Helags Fjällstation, Helags Natinonal Park

Yoga, Hiking and Midnight Sun Vacation

Welcome to our  yoga and trekking long weekends at Helags Fjällstation/Mountain station in Swedish Lapland during the summer of 2017. No previous experience necessary!

We will be staying together at the Mountain Station with full board, enjoying daily hikes in the untouched Swedish nature,  two yoga sessions per day during the morning and the evening, hanging out with reindeer on the mountain and more. There will also be a seminar on the theme “Holistic Health through nutrition and movement” including nutritional advice during the weekend.

We will gather at the Inn Wärdshuset Helags in Ljungdalen Thursday morning for a meal together and an introduction of the program for the weekend. You will be able to make a picnic from all the food on the buffet to bring in your own backpack for the hike. We have transport arranged to the parking spot Kläppen where our trek begins . From there we trek to to Helags Fjällstation , a 14 km hike/walk along beautiful flowery trails, passing next to lakes and creeks as we ascend.

During the days of our stay at the mountain station in the National Park you will have the possibility to take different walks/hikes/treks with our mountain guide in the magic mountains of Helagsmassiven. Or you can spend the days however you choose or wish yourself  taking your own hikes/walks in the area, going on a safari to meet the arctic fox in it´s natural habitat, hike to the top of the mountain or just relax in the beautiful, serene mountain environment.

We trek back down towards Ljungdalsbyn on Sunday morning. From there we depart to our home or next destination. For those who wish transfer to and from Östersund (Airport Åre/Östersund with 14 direct flights per day to and from Stockholm, Trainstation Östersund has 4 train departures per day as well) is available for an additional fee.

Languages spoken for yoga & seminar ; Swedish, English, Dutch, German

Languages spoken for hiking/trekking , safari etc : Swedish, English

Space is limited to a maximum of 12 people.

Dates: August 10th -13th 2017

 Investment : SEK 7.345 :- / EUR 769:-


  • full board (3 nights lodging, breakfast, lunchpackage, three course dinner) at the mountain station.
  • 6 yoga sessions with our own yoga teacher
  • 3 additional meditation sessions with our own meditation instructor
  • our own mountain guide
  • 1 seminar by our own nutritionist

Transfer from Östersund, return; SEK 800 :-  / EUR 85 :- pp.


We are staying in 4-bed rooms at Helags Fjällstation / Mountain Station. Bed linen and towels are provided. At the mountain station there are also showers and a sauna plus a small store where you can buy your own snacks or other supplies you might need during your stay in the mountains.

What National Geographic has to say about Helags as their # 3 on their ”World´s best hikes” ;

About us:

Evelina Åslund;


Internationally certified wildnerness, tracking and hunting guide, mindfulness and yin yoga instructor and massage therapist.

Cecilia Götherström;

Swedish, based in The Netherlands 50 % of the year, Sweden 50 % of the year.

Internationally certified Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Languages spoken : Swedish, English, German, Dutch


Space is limited to a maximum of 12 persons.


Feel free to contact us with any questions and / or to sign up.


+31 -6-46157019

  • also for FaceTime

Skype: ciayoda


Yoga Workshop – Kings & Queens Edition

”Long live the Queen, Long live the King!”

Well, we say ”Long live the Yogi” ;-)!

And the yogi does.

Due to the practice of not only what is called the ”royal poses” , but indeed the entire ”royal” practice through the breathing, meditation, movement, postures and relaxation.

So, what better time of the year can we have to play around with, immerse ourselves in and learn more about the practice of these ”royals” than this time in between Kings Day and what used to be Queens Day here in royally gorgous springtime NL?

Come join us Saturday April 29th , 14.30- 17.30 in Movement Studio Haarlem, to start that elongation of your life!

You will have two internationally certified Vijnana Yoga teachers guiding you through our journey in a safe, professional, caring and also fun way.

Cecilia (  and Dick (  have both been studying, teaching, practicing and laughing together for more than 11 years now – nationally and internationally.

C U on the mat!

And bring all your questions 😉 !

When: Saturday 29/4 , 14.30 – 17.30

Where : Movement Studio Haarlem, Kinderhuissingel 4E

Investment : EUR 45 :-

Sign up:, 06-46157019 , 06-14448111

Dick & Cecilia




Spring is officially upon us and before we rejoice in all the energy the sun brings us, before we feel it rushing through our bodies and minds filling us with a tremendous intensity of inspiration and motivation, there is always that time of transitioning in to spring from winter.

Yes, we do tend to forget that.

Every year anew we find ourselves sitting there wondering why we are overcome with fatigue and sluggishness, feeling slightly chilly, eyes watering, itchy nose, wrapped in a huge blanket while turning our cheeks to face the sunlight with a craving for that fluttering spring energy to just kick start itself.

Spring, the season of the element Wood, the season of the Liver, the Gallbladder, of Green. The season when the body wakes up again to take in the beauty of life as it re invents itself right before our very eyes.

Being the language nerd I am have for a long time been fascinated with the origin and meaning of words in relation to what they can really tell us about living in balance with our own true nature.

Spring is when life literally “springs” out of the ground. It is the season when we need to aid our livers and gall bladders in cleaning out any muck left from winter as lovingly and gentle as the sun’s rays are melting the snow, allowing the Water Element to flow as part of creating the new life of this year.

Isn´t it interesting then that Liver in Old English was actually called “Lifer” and that “Liver” also can be interpreted as “The One Who Lives”? That Liver in German is called “Leber” and life in German is called “Leben”? That Liver in Dutch is called “Lever” and life in Dutch is “Leven”? That Liver in my native tongue – Swedish – is called “Lever” which also is the exact same word as “Living”?

( Practice ; )

 Find a place in nature, or on your balcony, or close to your favorite plant or flowers in your house or office to sit.

Get comfortable – preferably in a cross-legged position on the floor with cushions or blankets supporting you. It is important to sit high enough so that you don´t have to hold yourself up from your lower back.

Sit so that your knees are lower than, or in line with, the height of your hipbones. Of course it is fine to sit on a chair if you cannot sit on the floor. If you do sit on a chair make sure to have your feet flat on the floor.

Observe nature. Use your eyes as if they are seeing nature for the first time – which in a way of course they are, as every moment is new. Take it in. Then gently close your eyes, bring nature inwards, just sit and listen. Listen to life, really Listen.

Whatever is going on inside right now is there to tell you something. You are listening to understand and to then decide if this is something that represents renewed life and energy. Is it something you want to bring and plant in your life in spring to have it bloom in summer or is it something that might have served you but is now ready for the compost?

Inhale the smell of wood, the scent of spring. Let it linger. What does it tell you?

When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Meet life.